Director of Coaching, Zone 1: Phil Griffiths,

Director of Coaching, Zone 2: James Morris.

Gender Birth Year Age Group Team Position First Last Email
Boys 2011 U09 Elite Coach Phil Griffiths
Boys 2011 U09 Elite Manager Talida Pierce
Boys 2010 U10 Elite Coach Jocksan Baeza
Boys 2010 U10 Elite Manager Chris Lee
Boys 2009 U11 Elite Black Coach Guillermo Alonso
Boys 2009 U11 Elite Black Manager Jason Roberts
Boys 2009 U11 Elite White Coach Mark Benson
Boys 2009 U11 Elite White Manager Dane Gray
Boys 2008 U12 Elite Coach Guillermo Alonso
Boys 2008 U12 Elite Manager Derek Brogan
Boys 2012 U08 Predators Coach Phil Griffiths
Boys 2012 U08 Predators Manager Jan  Dobrzelewski
Boys 2011 U09 Predators Coach Roberto Silva
Boys 2011 U09 Predators Manager Michael  Masiello
Boys 2010 U10 Predators Black Coach Mark Benson
Boys 2010 U10 Predators Black Manager David  McAleer
Boys 2010 U10 Predators White Coach Ryan Gottier
Boys 2010 U10 Predators White Manager Ryan Waters
Boys 2009 U11 Predators Coach Ryan Gottier
Boys 2009 U11 Predators Manager Joe Rager
Boys 2008 U12 Predators Coach Stephen Potter
Boys 2008 U12 Predators Manager Maia Skeete
Boys 2011 U09 United Coach Sami Phelps 
Boys 2011 U09 United Manager Stephanie Walter
Boys 2009 U11 United Coach Alex  Noel
Boys 2009 U11 United Manager Brian Lemon
Boys 2008 U12 United Coach Gary Jones
Boys 2008 U12 United Manager Jenn Quay
Boys 2007 U13 United Coach John Gabel
Boys 2007 U13 United Manager Courtney Lofgren
Boys 2006 U14 United Coach William Hegarty
Boys 2006 U14 United Manager Rebecca Lukens
Boys 2005 U15 United Coach Patrick McKenna 
Boys 2005 U15 United Manager Bob Rullo
Boys 2004 U16 United Coach Gabe Dwyer
Boys 2004 U16 United Manager Linda Nadot
Boys 2002 U18 United Coach Jon Pierce
Boys 2002 U18 United Manager Adam Barker
Boys 2007 U13 Eagles Coach Patrick McKenna
Boys 2007 U13 Eagles Manager Mathew DeMarco
Boys 2005 U15 Eagles Coach John Gabel
Boys 2005 U15 Eagles Manager Gregg Holgate
Boys 2010 U10 REDS Coach Sami Phelps 
Boys 2010 U10 REDS Manager Brad Adey


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