1.Penn Fusion is using Stack Sports to manage Risk Managment documents for PA ACT 153 Child Protective Law compliance.  To begin this process, please click here to access the 2019/2020 Coach and Team Manager Registration.  You will be asked to create your own account in Stack Sports.

Coaches and Team Managers will each be responsible to upload the following information into their own Stack Sport Account:

  1. Photo: Head Shot from the shoulders up.  This will be the photo used for your coach pass.
  2. Concussion Training Certification (annual requirement).  Link can be accessed from your Stack Sport account.  Certificate must be uploaded upon completion.
  3. Abuse Prevention Certification (Safesport) Certification.  LInk can be accessed from your Stack Sport account.  Certificate must be uploaded upon completion.
  4. Safety/Additional Certificate: this will be one pdf including the following documents
    1. FBI (for all paid coaches) or Volunteer Disclosure (for volunteers who have lived in PA for more than 10 years)
    2. PA Child Abuse History
    3. PA State Police Check

To create one pdf file, download the Genius Scan App onto your cell phone.  This app allows you to take photos of your documents on your cell phone and it automatically converts it into a pdf you can mail to yourself and then upload into your Stack Sport Account.

FBI, PA Child Abuse History and PA State Police certifications are good for 5 years.  If the five years expires during the 2019/2020 season, please acquire updated documentation.

 Use the links below to obtain your Risk Management documents for PA ACT 153 Child Protective Law Compliance

  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  •  PA State Police Criminal Record Check for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  •  FBI Criminal Background Check for all PAID Coaches.  Also for Volunteers/Team Managers who have not lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years:  Paid Coaches please use Service Code: 1KG756  Volunteers please use Service Code: 1KG6ZJ CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  • Disclosure Statement for Volunteers for Volunteer Coaches and Team Managers who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  • Upon completion, all four documents must be uploaded into your Stack Sports account.
    • FBI or Disclosure Volunteers Only (All PAID Coaches MUST have FBI)
    • PA State Police
    • PA Child Abuse


  • FBI, PA State Police, PA Child History are good for 5 years. Volunteer Disclosures must be done every year.

2. All Penn Fusion Soccer Academy Coaches/Trainers/Team Managers must have a Risk Management/Background check on file with our sanctioning organizations:

To complete your Risk Managment/Background Check please click on the links below depending on the league your team(s) play in.  It may be possible that you have to complete both EPYSA and US Club depending on team assignment.

  • For coaches coaching in EPYSA: EDP, PAGS, DELCO, APL, Central  Leagues and all Program Staff Coaches must complete the US Youth Soccer (EPYSA) Risk Management  which means iploading all required documents into Stack Sport as described above.
  • For coaches coaching in US Club: ECNL Staff Coaches must complete the US Club Risk Management Form: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS  PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS PART UNTIL directed by adminiatration as there may be process changes.
    • Please save your confirmation number and email it to if you are a coach, or if you are a Team Manager.
    • Coaches and Team Managers must also complete the SafeSport Course by clicking here.
      • You must complete all three courses and you must download all three certificates PLUS the MASTER SAFESPORT Trained Certificate after completion:
        • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
        • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
        • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
    • Select Penn Fusion SA (#6949).  Please note that US Club requires you to upload all your clearances so that you conformed with PA State Law.  You will be required to also upload the MASTER SAFESPORT Trained Certificate.
  • For coaches coaching in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy: Girls DA Coaches

      Valid for two years from the determination date of the check.

      New registrants can follow the instructions below to create an application. The background check takes 7-10 business days to process.

      Access the following website:
    • Click on the “Start Your Background Screening Now” on the left side of the webpage
    • Enter 28695114 in the Self Registration Number field
    • Enter your Information as Requested
    • Provide Legal Authorization and Certification
    • Have driver’s license and/or passport available when submitting an application
    • Notes: This system is not compatible with Safari internet browser

    • Use your full legal name as written on your birth certificate or driver’s license
    • If you have any questions, please contact the National Center for Safety Initiatives at 866.833.7100
    • Anyone needing to run an international background check must also email for an international application
  • Documents required for Coach Approval in the DA:

    • Coach Photo
    • Coach DA Waiver
    • SafeSport TRAINED Certificate
    • Background Check through NCIS 
    • Must have a profile made in the DCC
  • Must complete the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Courses at
    • You must complete all three courses and you must download all three certificates after completion:
      • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
      • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
      • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
      • At the end of the courses you will receive a SafeSport TRAINED certificate.  This is the certificate that the Club needs.
    • Registration can be found at the following address:

    • In addition, each season, coaches must complete and sign a U.S. Soccer Development Academy Waiver that will be sent through the administrator.  Please return to the administrator at

3. In addition, all Penn Fusion Coaches/Trainers/Team Managers must Register with Gotsoccer for League and Tournament Management.

  • 3a. Register with the Penn Fusion Soccer Academy by clicking on the 2019-2020 Coach/Team Manager Registration link and signing in using your gotsoccer coach account.  Team Managers will use their Team Manager account. The Team Manager account is your own personal gotsoccer account.  If you do not already have one please create one.
    • Please check to make sure that your account information is accurate so that you will reveive communications from leagues and tournaments.


4. Staff and Independent Contractor Coaches must also complete a W9 Form:

  • Complete and sign a W9 each year.  Form can be found in left sidebar.  W9 to be sent to










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