1. CLUB/STATE CLEARANCES: Documents for PA ACT 153 Child Protective Law compliance

 The links below can be used to obtain your Risk Management documents for PA ACT 153 Child Protective Law Compliance. PLEASE PRINT OUT and digitally save all certifications verifying completion of each item below.

  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  •  PA State Police Criminal Record Check for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  •  FBI Criminal Background Check for all PAID Coaches.  Also for Volunteers/Team Managers who have not lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years:  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
  • Heads Up Concussion Certificate Training: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS 
    • Choose Prevention and Promotion
    • Choose Other Public Health Professional (my profession is not listed) and Other (organization not listed) when asked for input. 
    • Profile must be current to continue to the training. 
    • Type "Heads Up" in the search bar to get to the training course.
  • SafeSport Training for all PAID Coaches, Volunteer Coaches and Team Managers. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
    • Click on "Get The Training"
    • Click on "More Information" in the Training and Education Services Box
    • Click on "Click Here To Learn More" under the National Governing Body header
    • Click on "Access Training Here" to begin the SafeSport training program.
    • Anyone who took the course last year will be eligible for a shorter refresher course as long as you use the same email that your originally used with SafeSport.
    • If you took the course in the last year, you will see the SafeSport Trained Icon and the date that you took the course.  You will also see a "Refresher 1: Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct" course.  Take the refresher course and save the certificate for future uploads.
  • Disclosure Statement for Volunteers for Volunteer Coaches and Team Managers who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

2. LEAGUE CLEARANCES: All Penn Fusion Soccer Academy Coaches/Trainers/Team Managers must have a Risk Management/Background check on file with the sanctioning organizations that governs their Leagues:

To complete your Risk Managment/Background Check please click on the links below depending on the league your team(s) play in.  It may be possible that you have to complete both EPYSA and US Club/US DA depending on team assignment.

  • For coaches coaching in EPYSA: EDP, PAGS, DELCO, APL, Central  Leagues and all Program Staff Coaches must complete the US Youth Soccer (EPYSA) Risk Management: TBD


  • For coaches coaching in US Club and for Team Managers in US Club: ECNL Staff Coaches and Team Managers must complete the US Club Risk Management Process.: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS 
    • Valid for two years from the determination date of the original check.
    • Use your full legal name as written on your birth certificate or driver’s license
    • The SideLine Sport Training is also required for US Club Soccer Clearances.  Click here to access.

3. GOTSOCCER REGISTRATION:  In addition, all Penn Fusion Coaches/Trainers/Team Managers must Register with Gotsoccer for League and Tournament Management.

  • 3a. Register with the Penn Fusion Soccer Academy by clicking on the 2019-2020 Coach/Team Manager Registration link and signing in using your gotsoccer coach account.  Team Managers will use their Team Manager account. The Team Manager account is your own personal gotsoccer account.  If you do not already have one please create one.
    • Please check to make sure that your account information is accurate so that you will receive communications from leagues and tournaments.


4. W9 FORMS: Staff and Independent Contractor Coaches must also complete a W9 Form:

  • Complete and sign a W9 each year.  Form can be found in left sidebar.  W9 to be sent to










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